Sunday, January 2, 2011

My new toy!!

Yay!! I'm super excited!! I finally got my cricut! My hubby is the best! He made it possible to fulfill one of my wants.. I have been wanting this cricut expression cutter for quite sometime now.. My hubby knows how much I like the color purple and this Plum cricut was what he got me.. I have lots of creative stuff to do.. As you can see I also got the Elmo's Party cartridge and I used it to create one of my son's favorite characters "Elmo" .,. Stay tuned for more.. Xoxo Isela


XxRocKnPinUpxX said...

sister!!!! for my birthday i want a cupcake card but in pretty pastel colors ok!!!

Isela said...

I will make you a beautiful card no worries. WOW!! I have 3 months to work on it. So I better hurry up... Kay TA-TA for now. Love Ya!!

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