Monday, March 28, 2011

My Purse is done... Now onto the next..

This is what I started with ..

One of the Fabrics I'll be working on next..

Cutting my fabric..

Wooden handles added..Thanks to
My Hubby he picked the handles for me..


Happy Monday Handmade By Isela readers!..

Today I finished one of my projects I had started. Unfortunately I work on these projects little by little. Trying to multitask sometimes gets hard. As you can tell from the first picture above. I have three purse handles which I bought these at Joann's . My hubby told my son yesterday that Joann's and Michael's is the hobby store for mommy. Just like HobbyPartz and Hobby People is to them boys.  My boys are too cute! They actually helped me select my fabrics and handles. And No, I didn't force them to come in with me. They did it to help mommy out. I LOVE MY BOYS! This morning I had the day off so I decided to get started on what I had been working on. Now I have one purse done. That means I have 2 more to go. The fabric with the beautiful Mexican Senoritas I will be working on next. This one is a special request.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Buzz Lightyear...

Good morning Handmade By Isela readers and followers!! Friday is finally here. Hope you all have a great weekend.  Now that I revealed the finished product to mommy. I wanted to share the birthday card I made to order for one of my friends. Her little guy is a Toy Story fan, with major love for Buzz Lightyear. Mom asked if I could make a card adding both characters.. So here it is.. Hope he likes it as much as I enjoyed making it. :)

Front side of card...

Inside of card.. Mommy's choice of words..

Back side of card.. I love this stamp..

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Memory game & Case....

Good morning and Happy Saturday to all of you! Hope your weekend is going just as you planned. This morning I was reading my blogger dashboard and clicked on one of the blogs I follow. I came across this post. How to make your own Memory game & Case. This is one of the cutest and greatest idea ever.

These are  the memory game pieces...

This is the handmade carrying case...

You want to make your own Memory Game & Case??
and see how you can create your own..

Friday, March 18, 2011

Handmade By Isela on Facebook..

TGIF!!!!  Happy Friday friends!! Hope you are all having a great Friday  some may have started your weekend since Yesterday with out even knowing you were going to. LOL!! Hope you all had a Happy St. Patrick's Day.  I also want to wish my Best friend and her hubby a Happy Anniversary!!!  May God continue to Bless your marriage. LOVE YOU GUYS!!

I also wanted to let you all know that Handmade By Isela is now on FACEBOOK.. stop by show some love, tell your friends and follow us on facebook  under Fan Pages::  Handmade By Isela . Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

First run..

Mini Messenger Bag.....

You won't believe I made this out of an old Scrub Shirt.... I needed material to practice.. =)

It's Tuesday again... 3 more days till the weekend, but who is counting?? LOL!! I am!! Okay so you all should know by now that I am new to the whole sewing world. I must say I enjoy every bit of it. Except when I can't get the thread to pull up from the bobbin or when the thread does get stuck down where the bobbin is at in the middle of me sewing.... =) I will get better! I will get better!! I believe in myself. Do you?? As you can see my pics above show a bit of what I was working on a few days. I was working on this little by little just because I wanted to understand what the heck I was doing..  Watching YouTube videos and reading others tutorials, I began to understand what I was doing and started feeling good about myself. Finally I was getting somewhere with this. I am doing my best to get good at this ... I have something planned that I wish I could tell you just now.. but I do have to practice a bit more before I actually start working on it and get it done. I can't wait!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Cutting with a pattern..

Happy Monday to all of you!! This change of time really messed with my morning but here I am waiting for the time to go home... Yes, I am blogging during my lunch break.. I had plans to go to the fabric store but I guess that will have to wait for later.. Ok my friends I have a question.. Who knows how to use these pattern stuff??  I am new to it all so I am doing a trial run on this one too. Any tips, ideas I'll take any of them??

One at a time...

I can't believe the weekend is already over. :( I had so much going on and so little time.. I'm just happy to say that I'm almost done with this project. I can't wait to show you.. This is a practice run to what I am really looking forward to doing next.. Hope you all had a great weekend.. :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

What shall I make with this???

TGIF!!!!!! Finally the weekend is here.. My day couldn't be over any sooner.. I hope you are all having a great start of the Weekend!! FIRST OF ALL MY PRAYERS AND THOUGHTS TO ALL THE FAMILIES AFFECTED BY THE TSUNAMI AND EARTHQUAKE THAT HIT YESTERDAY.
We must count our blessings and ask GOD to watch over us..

On an other note, I just thought I would share my new pieces of fabric I purchased yesterday.. I still don't know what I am going to make. Well this month my lovely sister will be celebrating her 25th birthday and I plan to make her something with this. If you have any suggestions I will gladly take them... Ok sis now you know that partial gift will be handmade and by ME!!! Love you sis!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shoot In Style..

I can't believe I am still up.. I can't sleep... Yikes!! I will be getting up in the next three hours. Meanwhile my non-drowsy evening I was browsing the net and saw this tutorial  on how to make a camera strap cover. Since I had some fabric left I decided to do it. I didn't want to leave this for tomorrow. I measured my camera strap from one end of the leather part of my strap to the other .. Which measured at about 23inches long. So I cut 2 pieces of fabric at 24 inches long by 2 inches wide. Enough to leave some space to tuck in at the ends.  I sewed the two pieces of fabric with the right sides facing each other and then turned inside out. Pulled my camera strap through the cover sewed it at the ends and WALLAH!!  Now ready to shoot in style!!

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

New projects!

Hello my Friends!! My, why does this weekend feel like it was too short???? I wish it was always mandatory to have three day weekends. I am very excited to share my new projects with you. This past Thursday, I purchased my very own sewing machine. I can't express how excited I was.. That I got right to it and started working on a few little projects. Soo I just wanted to share with you...  

Yes, I know it's "CARS" theme... Might just give it
to my son for his color pencils and markers..

But I will admit it does make a good makeup brush roll...

Lol!! I am a car fanatic.... =) Like the colors I used..

My second sewing project.. 6 x 9 inch pouch...

Lined it with black fabric and used a red 9inch zipper...