Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Friendship Card..

A friend is someone you can count on during good or bad times.. I am lucky to have a few good friends in my life.. Everyday I thank God for putting them on my path.. A friend will lend a hand when you need it. Will also offer a shoulder to lean on. Will cry with you , will make you laugh or even so be the one person that's honest when you are just not looking your best and tells you so because they care.. :) Today's card is about friendship.. My son and I created this beautiful Hello Kitty card using the "Hello Kitty Greetings Cartridge"... We had a blast and this is what we created here at Handmade by Isela.. Hope you enjoy the pics.. Stay tuned for more.. Xoxo~

I really need to get this Cartridge I love it!!

Here I am with my son having a creative moment!!
Sorry, I'm not looking my best here =) ...

Getting the card together

Inside of card

Both views of the card


XxRocKnPinUpxX said...

i love this!!!! lucky wilma!! ok so we dicussed how i want mine already!!! ill be waiting ...you have until march to find and figure it out!!!!
but i want a cricut now...but i wont know and who to give these to lol

Adriana said...

OMG! I love this new blog. How cool, I may need some help with some robot stuff! LOL

Isela said...

Thanks Adri, oh and thanks for following! yay!! I am so excited I finally got my cricut.. Luciano tries to take over but it's a fun experience. Mommy and me time.. love it! Most definately I'll help you out with any thing you need my friend!! Oh I seen this cool Robot cartridge too!! I need to build my cricut library now. =)

Veronica said...

This is a cool blog! Love the Cricut! We should have a scrapbook party!

Isela said...

Hi Vero!! thanks for following!! I blog for comments!! =) scrapbooking party sounds like fun! lets set a date!!!

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