Friday, January 14, 2011

Cuttlebug has arrived!

I am so excited to say that my Cuttlebug has finally arrived.. I got a great deal on eBay and now my husband says I'm addicted to the eBay bug.. lol!! What can I say the deals are GREAT!!!
I took it out the box yesterday night and decided to take it for a test run... And it worked great!! My son always enjoys helping mommy out with her new toys so he as well had to test it out just to give me the OK..

Here he is giving me a demonstration..

Prepping the embossing folder with the brayer and
white stamp pad..

Running it through the embosser

checking out our outcome..

and WALLA!!! we made a small card also using a border...


XxInKedxPinUpxX said...

awww thats sooo cuteee! i want the picture of edgar and i to look like that but like black and red

Adriana said...

Too cute, I wanna come over and play!

Isela said...

@Liz, you just need to give me the picture you want so I can start working on it.

@Adri, Thanks chica!!!Come on over! We definately need to get together and scrap.. book that is.. lol!!

jessica said...

I was just debating purchasing the cuttlebug. Everyone seems to own one and I feel left out :(
Looks like alot of fun! Maybe my next purchase

Yuri said...

I know this post isnt about it, but I have that same cricut!!! YYAAAYYY!!! But mine is the blue one! You have good taste my dear! lol

and I dont have a cuttle bug :(

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