Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gypsy is here.. Finally!!

I know it's kind of late.. And I said to myself that tonight I am going yo bed early.. I just had to post about my very patiently awaited tool.. My Gypsy that is.. I had purchased my Gypsy online last week and it seem like it took for ever to get here. I kept sending mu husband to check the mail and nothing!! He kept coming back with packages but none for me all for him. Until yesterday, it was my lucky day!! My package finally came in.. I had to open box connect and check out what I have been missing out.. The downloads took for ever but very well worth it.. I have more to learn.. Any tips, suggestions are very well welcomed.. Please do share!! Now I just need to know how to get my 200 cricut rewards points.. :) I'm a happy camper.. Till stylus pen meets gypsy I will post some projects using my free cartridges and cricut.. Xoxo- Isela


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