Thursday, April 14, 2011


Fabric District, where have I been? I will say that I have been to Downtown L.A. many times but never have I been to the Fabric District. Why???? I have no Idea. This past weekend we decided to make a trip out there for some fabric that I was looking for. I never imagined what it would be like. All I can say is I was in FABRIC HEAVEN!!! LOL!! Thank you Adri, Gabby and Mari for making this  a great experience. It was so much fun, don't let  me forget to mention the bacon wrapped L.A. style hot dogs. They were delicious! After we were done doing our fabric and other supply shopping we headed back to my friend Adri's for a  girl's day in with some sewing to do. It was time to get creative!

Lots of  fabric
Sewing machines ready ...
Bunting Banner in progress..
Finished product...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a really good time!!!!

As to your question ...
Ive been good! :)
I finally got my sewing machine on Monday, and OMG!! I am IN LOVE!!
And now I too am a Fabric addict! lol... I hope your having a great week!
Oh and I noticed you got your etsy shop banner up! Cant wait to see your stuff! :))

Adriana said...

I had such a great time with you gals! I can't wait to do it again and I so LOVE the banner, JD loves it too!

Isela said...

Yes, Yuri it was so much fun. =) OMG!!! How exciting! You finally did it, you got your sewing machine.. LOL!!Welcome to Fabric ADDICTION!! I know what you mean I wanted to sew everything in site!! I am so excited for you, too bad you don't live close to have a sewing club!! =) That would be fun!
OMG! Yuri, yes I got my etsy banner up just working on a few things before I open shop!! YOu are definately up and moving on your second shop! I like all your stuff... sooo cute!!

Adri, it was definately a GREAT time!! I felt like I was in a sewing spa after the wine,grapes and bruscheta( I don't think I spelled it right). =) we have to make this a monthly or bi-weekly thing or weekly thing!LOVE IT!! Im soo happy you and JD love the Banner!

XxInKedxPinUpxX said...

i want to place and order for zebra stripes with pink ribbon!!! those are soo cute!!! JD will love them!! and after u can just put them up in his room

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