Monday, April 11, 2011

Good way to start a Monday!

Happy Monday HBI & Sweet Rollercoaster readers!! I hope you had a great weekend!!

Back to the grind on Monday mornings always brings mixed feelings. Wishing at times I could just stay home.. But no, that's not me so to work it is!! Well this morning at work we had a pleasant surprise. Breakfast for the staff! Yeah!! Always a treat to walk in to the staff lounge and find freshly brewed coffee but this time we were spoiled!! We had an omelet man.. (you know how there's usually a taco man). Well yes, indeed this was the Omelet man. His catering company Rise and Shine provided one of the best breakfast buffets.. Scrambled eggs, French toast, bacon, oatmeal, fresh cut fruit, roasted potatos, salsa, the works! But I will say my favorite was the made to order omelets..

Below is his business card. I told Sean the omelet man I would blog about his great service. This comes in handy when you are planning a breakfast meeting or Brunch.
Here is my omelet to order; spinach, red bell pepper, bacon, mushroom and cheese..

Yumm-O!! sorry the pic is blurry..

Call Sean for catering for your special occasion..

I give this two thumbs up!!
(click on the link for more info) Rise and Shine


Traci said...

Yum, great choice! Very nice of you to blog about him.

Adriana said...

Good post, I may need to hire him soon!

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