Friday, April 22, 2011

Flash Back Friday!

Flash Back Friday.... 2001

Happy Friday!! I was at home looking through some pictures that I just had to post this. I have been working since I turned 14 years old and started off with Summer Job Programs. Then I was able to get a permit and work after school . You will not believe but one of my first jobs was at the Famous Chuck E Cheese and guess what yes I was the Famous Chuck E!!! I still laugh about it. I will say I definitely had a great time doing it. I continued to work during my high school years and after that I managed to get in to the medical field and have been working there since. My best friend and I were always busy bees and always had part-time jobs. This pic is one of my part-time jobs after working a full time shift. JoAnn gave me good times and good discounts too!! LOL! This was in 2001 Talk about Flash Back Friday!!


Anonymous said...

OMGosh!! How cool!.. I can honestly say, that I have only had one job in my entire life.. and I work at a little resturant for like 3 months.. I was 13 at the time.. I know everyones says Im luck to not have to work.. but I just think it would be so awesome to have a job! lol..
YOu look beautiful btw! :)

Anonymous said...

oh and check your email.. Ima start emaling you when you ask me stuff.. cause I hate how blogger dosent have a system thats lets you know if some responds to your comments!!!

Isela said...

Aww Thanks Yuri, OMG!! I just noticed that this picture I was rocking the lip liner!! LOL!! That was the ish back then. ha ha ha!! You should definately consider yourself lucky if you don't have to work... But you know what Yuri you do work!! You keep up with your Online shops and that takes a lot work, Your work from home =) and of course you are a full time mommy too!!! That in itself is a major job!!!

ok cool! i'll definately check my email. =)you know that is true, I wish blogger had it's own app for your mobile phone and yes wish they had a way that shows when people response. I don't know if when you leave a comment on some post if it gives you the option to get and email to any response they leave. because I have gotten that once I leave a comment and it works.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I know what your talking about... but then it emails you everytime any one comments.. LOL

Isela said...

That is true. you will get an email everytime someone replys..

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