Monday, February 14, 2011

New Blog Layout!!

Hello all, hope you all had a great Valentine's Day ... My day couldn't get any better today. First of all I want to THANK GOD for my beautiful family ( My Hubby and Son) I Love them to Death and they mean the world to me!!! This Valentine's day was filled with love and friendship.

I am super excited today because my BLOG FINALLY GOT  A MAKEOVER!!!!! What do you think??? I LOVE IT!!! I was over on Yuri's blog from and I really, really liked her lay out .. I asked a few questions about who she used to design her blog.. She used Alicia from . Dreamlike Magic Etsy shop has many premade templates and at a very good price! I  couldn't make up my mind because I liked a few of them but could only choose one.  So here it is!  Thank you to Alicia for making this possible and Yuri for sharing the great info.. =)

Now that you are here, Grab my Button and share with your friends!!  Looking forward to seeing you all here!! Much love!!


Anonymous said...

Your blog is super cute! Love the purple!! And I was the same way with the lay outs I couldnt decide..I end up having her take elements from 2 of her layout to creat mine..

Thanks for the shout out! <33

Veronica said...

I like it. It looks awesome! Good Job!

Adriana said...

It looks so good, I loveeeee the colors!

Isela said...

Thank you soo much ladies for the comments.. it was definately time for makeover.. I am really excited.. don't forget to grab my button!!

Cynthia said...

Love the new blog :)

Isela said...

Thanks Cynthia... Are you currently having the brush roll giveaway??

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