Monday, February 21, 2011

My card for Aidan..

Hello and happy Monday to you .... For those of you that have this day off happy President's day... I am mobile blogging and on my way to work.. No worries I'm the passenger , not the driver.. :)  Not sure if you read my previous post about Aidan, 2 year old whom just got diagnosed with leukemia and is now going through chemo therapy ... This 2 year old is in need of Prayer him and his mom, dad and family.. Keep them in your prayers.. Yesterday after reading this post on my post feed I couldn't stop thinking of him and his family... His mom's friend was asking for us crafty ladies to get our crafty skills and create a card that would definitely bring a smile to Aidan's face.. So this is my creation for Aidan. Made it with Lots of LOVE!!  Will be sending it out today hope it gets to him quick .. Elmo is waiting to say HELLO!!!


Anonymous said...

Isela that's such a cute card. I'm sure he'll love it! I'm hoping to get a card out to him soon!!

Isela said...

Thanks so much Yuri, I couldn't stop thinking of him... He just reminded me of my little guy and thinking of the parents..

jessica said...

Such a sweet card!
I gave you a Liebster Blog Award...come pick it up on my :)

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